Kyoto-kan is a complex information center established by Kyoto-city and is located in the Yaesu Central entrance of Tokyo Station.

About Kyotokan

Meet the "Real" Kyoto in Yaesu

"Kyoto-kan" is a complex information center established by Kyoto-city and is located in the Yaesu Central entrance of Tokyo Station. It is designed to introduce to people in the Tokyo metropolitan area the full attractiveness of the ancient capital of Kyoto, which has been nurtured by long, multifaceted histories for 1200 years.

In the center's "Information Corner" and "Traditional Craft Gallery", we offer lots of information on each season rooted in "Kyoto" lifestyle, as well as any seasonal tourism information you would like to have. We hold events, seminars, and programs for advertising Kyoto in the "Event / Experience Corner". In addition, various assorted Kyoto products, including the world-renowned traditional arts and crafts are on display and for a sale in " Kyoto-kan".

  • Traditional Craft Gallery

    Introduces Kyoto's traditional industrial products, which have advanced through excellent technology and techniques. Traditional arts and crafts are also on display for purchase.
    You can also enjoy our gallery featuring colorful landscape photographs of seasonal changes and lifestyles in Kyoto and wood block prints of Kyoto.

  • Kyoto Goods Store

    Various Kyoto goods and related products, including world-renowned traditional arts and crafts, books, videos and DVDs are on display for sale. You will also find a rich selection of sweets, pickles, Fushimi's refined sake, and other food products, as well as Japanese trinkets and paper crafts that are made in Kyoto.

  • Information Center

    Please visit this section for everything you want to know about Kyoto.
    In addition to tourism information, various information conveying Kyoto's "Now" is offered.
    Furthermore, a lot of leaflets and pamphlets on travel, hotels, Japanese inns, museums, and other sightseeing spots in Kyoto are available. We offer a wide array of Kyoto-related seasonal information regarding annual events and festivals. You can also get information about attractions promoted by Kyoto- city.

  • Event/Experience Corner

    The craftsmen of traditional handcrafts are invited from Kyoto and they show off their wonderful techniques. We also offer the opportunity to learn the instructional basics belonging to the craftsmen who create wonderful master pieces such as Kyo-Yuzen hand-drawn dyed goods and Kyo-Embroideries etc.

  • Tea Ceremony Experience Course

    You can also experience tea ceremony under the guidance of a professional instructor. Let’s try traditional Japanese tea with seasonal sweets.
    Time: Every Friday to Sunday 12:30 - 16:30. (1 course takes about 20 minutes.)
    Fee: 500 Yen
    Remark: Please make a reservation in advance if more than 5 people want to take part in the same course.